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SKRFIRE Arc Plasma Lighter with mechanical body,smooth mirror surface

SKRFIRE Arc Plasma Lighter with mechanical body,smooth mirror surface

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  • 💎【Plasma Lighters Rechargeable Windrproof】This electric lighter uses electrodes to ionize air to form arcs to ignite. Therefore, it has a strong windproof effect and can quickly ignite under severe conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain.Rechargeable electric lighter that it requires no flame, no butane, weather-resistant, it is great for camping, traveling and hiking.
  • 💎【PVD & Rhythmic Flashing Indicator】This windproof lighter uses PVD plating technology. Its surface is as smooth as a mirror and is very wear-proof and fadeless.The rhythmic flashing indicator will keep flashing when ignite and it looks pretty cool.
  • 💎【Safe & Smart Power Control】This electric lighter has a smart power control chip. It can protect the lighter from overcharging and overdischarging. The indicator can help you know the battery status so that you can charge in time.
  • 💎【Rechargeable & Long Battery Life】This USB lighter is powered by high-quality lithium-ion battery.4 LED battery lights to display different power level status, can remind you recharge it in advance.HighIt can be recharged over 700 times. It can ignite over 80 items after each full charge.
  • 💎【Stylish & Unique Gift】This electric lighter looks very noble and elegant. It is a perfect gift for family, friends, relatives, partners and you. (Note: During the ignition, there will be the noise of “ zee, zee” which is high-voltage power generation. Please don't worry about that)


  • electric arc without fire
  • Eco-friendly recyclable charging
  • 3 months warranty period
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Customer Reviews

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Joel Sanders
Good lighter

Seemed a little large at first. Long but thin. Fits in pocket well. Like it.