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SKRFIRE Mini Tungsten Lighter, Printed Series

SKRFIRE Mini Tungsten Lighter, Printed Series

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  • 【Mini Portable】: The size of the electric lighter is 3.8 inches x 0.98 inches x 0.98 inches. Very slim, take it with you when you need it. The ultra-thin body, smooth surface, upward electrode and large opening cover provide a classic look and modern style while being ultra-compact, portable and lightweight.
  • 【Smart Touch Switch】: Touch the switch to ignite and touch it again to stop ignition。Provides a unique heat source which can perfectly deliver a quick, easy ignition even in the windiest conditions
  • 【Double-sided ignition】: Both sides can be ignited by heated tungsten wire. And cleaning is easy.
  • 【Safe and easy to use】: Sturdy zinc alloy body. Adjustable flame height. It can be filled with butane fuel. Dual Arc Lighter blue jet flame design. Blue flames and double arcs can be seen in the sun to avoid burning fingers. High-quality flame-throwing lighter with flip cover and double lighter, two-in-one rechargeable
  • 【Rechargeable】:The electric lighter can be charged hundreds of times with a charging cable





  • electric arc without fire
  • Eco-friendly recyclable charging
  • 3 months warranty period
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Customer Reviews

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Kiki Jones
Electric Lighter

After I broke my butane flashlight, I was looking for a change. I'll admit I was a little skeptical about how well it would work, but surprisingly, it worked great. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever use a torch to roll cigarettes again. It arrived as delivered, was easy to use, and took less time to charge than I expected. It exceeded my expectations so I have no hesitation in recommending it. The downside is that the coil can get damaged if you push it too hard.