The best plasma lighter for you is a good lighter

The best plasma lighter for you is a good lighter

Electronic lighters require no fuel and can withstand strong winds, but have you any idea which ones are best for you?

Plasma lighters are similar to traditional lighters in terms of their effectiveness in lighting stoves or candles, but that''''s just one of the ways in which they are similar to the latter. For starters, they don''''t require the use of flammable fuels (like butane) and are charged via USB. The model I tested took less than an hour to charge, although I didn't specifically assess how long the charge would last. Typically, most plasma lighters can light at least 100 candles before needing to be recharged.

And they generate heat in a completely different way than traditional lighters. Simply put, these lighters generate a plasma arc through the difference in charge between the positive and negative electrodes, which is enough to ignite candle wicks, paper, and other flammable materials. (Some plasma lighters have multiple electrodes that produce up to three plasma arcs, but in my testing experience, more arcs only increase the arc's area of influence and don''''t have much additional effect during testing.)


 Dual Arc Lighters Versatile and user friendly We fully recommend the 


Price: $24.99

Buy it at:  skrfire , amazon

Open the lid and the thumb side of the housing lights up with a string of neon blue lights. While less subtle, this is still my favorite pocket lighter because those LEDs tell you the state of charge. If you''''re camping in the dark, you can easily see the ignition switch because it will glow like the Aurora Borealis. It also has a timeout feature that requires you to close and reopen the lid if it''''s been left open for a short period of time. This can be a little annoying, but you might feel a little safer if the kids are around.

And the lighter is also equipped with a clock, and while we don''''t need to rely on the lighter for time information most of the time, this feature allows us to double-check the time when we light it. It''''s also quite a clever piece of design.

However, as with all pocket lighters I''''ve tried, using one of these to light a gas or propane flame is dangerous because you have to aim the plasma beam directly at the gas and can get burned.


 Bend it to your will: candle lighter 

 Price: $7.99

Where to buy: skrfire , amazon

Yes, the flex-stick design makes it easy to reach into a candle holder or sidle into a gas burner to light yours from a safe distance.

However, the simple on/off switch and non-spring-loaded ignition here are easier to maneuver and don''''t cause fatigue. But many children will also know what an on/off button is, as there is no burden of proficiency here.

Apart from that, the lighter is a very suitable choice as a small kitchen helper.

 Waterproof Double Arc Lighter 

 Price: $18.61

Where to buy: skrfire , amazon

Looking at its special casing, you can easily imagine that this is a lighter for the outdoors, and its double switch design makes it decently waterproof, meaning you don''''t have to use another waterproof bag to protect your lighter in outdoor scenarios.

So while I can press the LcFun into a small candle holder (or more easily, remove the candle from the container and light the wick), the process is awkward.

Lighting the stove is more challenging and dangerous, as it''''s hard to get the pole close to the gas vent (like I have the same complaint about Zippo inserts and Teslas). It did light a fairy wand and other sparklers as well as the paper used for the grill chimney.

All in all, this lighter is more suited to an outdoor scene than a home scene.


 The Big Flame Arc Lighter, which we recommend across the board 


 Price: $25.99

Where to buy: skrfire , amazon

This high-powered arc lighter is literally a superhero for lighting fires! In my experience with it, it did a great job of lighting candles and gas stoves with ease, whether it''''s for everyday home use or camping in the wilderness.

First, let me talk about its texture and practicality. The texture of this lighter is excellent, with a calm feel and a solid weight, giving it a sturdy and durable feel. Holding it in your hand, it''''s as if it''''s a tool you can rely on to handle any ignition task, no matter how tough it is.

Although there is only one arc, the output power it possesses is quite powerful, allowing it to handle a variety of fire needs. Whether it''''s a large fire tripod or a tiny candle, all of them can burn quickly under the arc of this lighter, saving you from annoying waiting times.

Overall, this high-powered arc lighter is definitely the best of the best in terms of ignition tools. With its impressive performance and robust texture, it can be your right-hand man whether you''''re cooking at home with lighting or building a fire in the wild camping!




However, there is another big (and perhaps more important) difference between plasma lighters and traditional lighters. While a traditional lighter''''s flame may be up to an inch high, a plasma lighter''''s plasma arc is only a few millimeters apart. Well, they''''re closer together than I''''ve ever grabbed two hairs! There''''s no flame, so what you''''re trying to light has to come into close contact with the lighter and have a close encounter directly with its plasma arc. This means that some models are literally harder to light a small candle than they are to escape a maze, as their cases or lids shut off the plasma arc tightly, making it difficult for you to get close.

However, these guys have their good points. I tested them in my backyard at home, and even on a windy day, they were as subdued as an English gentleman. I even put them in front of a powerful fan and they didn''''t flinch, almost like a bunch of party animals going to party even in the face of a typhoon.

But of course there are obvious drawbacks. For example, if you want to take your lighter on an overnight backpacking trip, you might prefer a pocket model. But truth be told, only one of the models I''''ve tried will light a camping stove. Also, if you plan to be away for a week, you''''ll have to think about charging your lighter. Sure, you could bring a USB battery, but that would just add to what you''''re carrying, and it''''s almost like walking around with an entire electronics store on your back all by yourself.

So, my best advice is to consider what you use your lighter for most often and weigh the pros and cons I''''ve listed. While all of the models I''''ve evaluated are inexpensive, if they don''''t meet your needs, they may end up being a "waste of money," like an old rechargeable card that''''s ready to be thrown away.

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