The 10 most expensive lighters in the world, and Zippo can only be at the bottom of the list

The 10 most expensive lighters in the world, and Zippo can only be at the bottom of the list

Did you know? It has been 200 years since the lighter was invented by Johann Wolfgang de Berena in 1823 and it is called the de Berena lighter. Until today it has become a commodity and there are people who prefer to have a lightweight and stylish lighter because it is something that they have to carry around with them. Different designs and external materials are some of the factors that add to the price of these lighters. Here we take a look at the 10 expensive lighters in the world:


10. Zippo 1933 - $18,000 USD

You should have heard of Zippo lighters, it is very famous in the lighter world, it started producing lighters in 1933. most of the designs produced from 1933 to 1937 are almost the same, but the 1933 lighter has diagonal lines on the casing. It didn''t use any special materials, just because it was commemorative.

9. cartier watch lighter - 19,000 dollars

You already know that Cartier makes expensive watches, right? That''s why they made a watch lighter, which is made of 18-carat gold, has 15 built-in jewels, and is decorated with beautiful enamel details that are decorated like a miniature work of art. The lighter was handmade in France in the 1930s and is labeled "Made in France Cartier Paris 05396" on the wick lighter.

8. Fabergé Jewelry and White Enamel Lighter - $30,000

Handmade between 1908 and 1911, this Fabergé jeweled and white enameled lighter was designed by Henrik Westerlohm, and was designed in his signature style throughout. in 2010, it was sold for $30,000 at Christie''s. the lighter has a black enamel finish, and is marked "Made in France Cartier Paris 05396".

7. Cartier Black Enamel and Diamond Lighter - $34,000

Handmade in Paris, the Cartier Black Enamel and Diamond Lighter is a piece of Art Deco that transcends time. Crafted in platinum and metal, this square lighter is intricately designed with a diamond-set cover that reveals the structure of the lighter. The diamond set is made from no less than 80-year-old European single-cut diamonds totaling 2.75 carats.

6. Zippo 75th Anniversary Model - $37,000

This Zippo lighter was made in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 2007 to celebrate the company''s 75th anniversary. All Zippo lighters incorporate flint wheel ignition and naptha wetted wicks, these butane lighters are wind and cold resistant.

5. Fabergé Yellow Enamel - $65K

The definition of class, taste and elegance in itself, this lighter was sold by Sotheby''s in 2011 for $65,650 for a Fabergé yellow enamel lighter. It was handmade in St. Petersburg between 1908 and 1917 by the designer, Vladimir Solovy. This is a very rare vintage Russian lighter that features rounded rectangular corners and has a translucent yellow color that glows in the reflection of its own light. Plus a spring-loaded hinged lid.

4. dupont ligne 2 champagne - $79,000

Dupont Paris makes this beautiful lighter in four different varieties: solid gold, white gold, diamond and rose pink gold and it retails for $79,000. This lighter all has 18 carats of white gold and is adorned with 462 diamonds totaling 5.2 carats, all of which are GVS grade.

3. Fabergé Imperial Lighter - $136,000

The Russian Imperial family has always been known for their fashion. Over the years, they have produced some eye-catching pieces, including the Fabergé Imperial Table Lighter, which fetched $136,000 in 2012 at Christine''s Auction House. The price was higher than they initially expected because no one thought anyone would pay more than £100,000 for a seated monkey, a symbol of Russian art and history. The lighter is stamped with an imperial license and bears the logo of Julius Rappaport''s working master in St. Petersburg.

2. Emerald Ashtray Lighter - $254,000

A jadeite ashtray is a rare antique with a lighter and an antique design. This colorful piece is adorned with a jadeite koi dragon belt hook that fits perfectly with the carved decoration on the silver plate and two glass compartments. The center lighter holder holds a beautiful silver lighter with an engraved emerald plaque of persimmon scrolls. It was handmade in 1920 by Edward I of New York.

1. Dupont Louis XIII Parma Flower Set - €500,000

The Dupont Louis XIII Parma Flower Set consists of two lighters, a desktop lighter (€300,000) and a pocket lighter (€200,000). The desktop lighter has a crown that stands on a base. It is made of 400 grams of solid gold and set with 27 princess-cut sapphires (9 carats), 10 cabochon-cut sapphires (13 carats). The crown has 40 brilliant cut sapphires (12 carats), the base has 72 brilliant cut sapphires (5 carats), 3 cabochon cut sapphires (2 carats). And the pocket lighter is made of 280 grams of solid gold with 45 princess-cut sapphires (17 ct.) and 8 cabochon-cut sapphires (14 ct.) On November 25, 2013, Dupont sold the lighter to a private buyer for an exorbitant price of 500,000 euros.

Undoubtedly, these lighters are very special, each with its own story. Everyone would love to have one, but the truth is that their rarity far exceeds their price - each lighter is priceless.

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You’ve made a slight error with Zippo, the 1933 original Zippo first sold for $18,000. Then during the 75th anniversary a 1933 original Zippo sold for $37,000. Also the 75th anniversary limited Zippo was only a modest $75. So to correct the list, the 75th anniversary Zippo needs to be removed (since it’s worth $75) and the 1933 original Zippo needs to be placed at $37,000 and the Armor 18k solid Gold Zippo can be entered into your list at $25,000. There’s also a 18k Gold Zippo for $21,200. Here’s a link with the details of the 1933 zippo first selling for $18k and later for $37k and also the 75th anniversary lighter priced at just $75. The two 18k Gold Zippos are on Zippos website as the two most expensive lighters a person can buy today from Zippo directly.


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