Egg-cellent Firepower: Stun 'em with a Dragon Arc lighter

Egg-cellent Firepower: Stun 'em with a Dragon Arc lighter

  • 🔥[Long Lasting Battery Life] - The electric lighter has a built-in upgraded battery, which increases the battery life by 25% compared to the same products in the market, the long battery life is not needed to charge frequently, which is more convenient for the daily use of ignition, and you don't need to worry about the situation that the rechargeable lighter runs out of power when you are using it outside.

  • 🔥[Windproof and Efficient Ignition] - The electric lighter uses an innovative high power arc, the arc lighter goes through a high voltage current to produce a large flame, because of the arc ignition so you don't need to worry about not being able to ignite it in the outdoors or in highlands, etc. The arc increases the ignition area to ignite the item more quickly, and it can be used stably in different environments.

  • 🔥[Smart Electric Cell] - The electric lighter comes with a smart electric cell with automatic power-off protection, which prevents the plasma lighter from overheating when lighting objects and protects the lighter from overcurrent when charging, and the advanced safety protection system in the torch lighter makes you feel safe and secure when you use it.

  • 🔥[Exquisite Appearance] - The zinc alloy body of the cool lighter is polished and plated through a dozen procedures, the surface is engraved with dragon totem which is more elegant and exquisite, and the switch closure of the eletronic lighter is finely polished, so it is very smooth to open and close. The flame lighter is lightweight and portable, but with a texture that you will love to hold in your hand.

  • 🔥[Gift Preferred] - The electric lighter comes in a gift box with charging cable and instruction manual, the high power flame lighter is beautifully packaged and very practical, whether it's for your own daily use or as a birthday holiday gift, party exchange gift and business gift for your friends, family and partners are very suitable.

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