The 8 Highly Anticipated Practical Lighters of 2024

The 8 Highly Anticipated Practical Lighters of 2024

The types of lighters can be divided into electronic lighters, grinding wheel lighters, gas lighters and kerosene lighters according to the fuel and structural characteristics used. Flame performance is the most basic requirement, high-quality lighters, the flame is highly stable or easy to adjust, the flame intensity has enough windproof ability.

For the choice of lighters, we have a brand recommendation list and a variety of models recommendation list. Among them, there are 8 cost-effective lighter models, which are:

Zippo Classic Black Crack Paint lighter 236
For many people, Zippo is synonymous with a lighter. Zippo was founded in 1932 by American George Bresdai. For different age groups and different preferences of consumers, Zippo has a number of series and rich pieces, almost covering most of the trend elements of every era.

The most sought after is the classic series. The size of 5.7*3.8*1.3cm is about half the size of a pack of cigarettes, and its weight is about 55g. Pure color simple almost zero pattern appearance, play is the most original texture. Whether it is mirror, chrome brushed, or matte, matte paint, the different feel it brings is what players like to slowly experience. The price is between 100-200 yuan, and the cost performance is higher.

Love Cool kerosene lighter 6700
IMCO appeared ten years earlier than Zippo, can be said to be the originator of fuel lighters, in the 1920s, it obtained the first global patent certificate. Most models in the domestic price of less than 100 yuan, cost-effective.

The 6700 is IMCO's most classic and popular series of lighters, designed from the cylindrical shape of the cartridge. The fuel core is tightly sealed by the cylindrical fuselage structure, and the oil storage barrel is closely connected to the fuselage with a closed bottom cover to completely seal the oil barrel, which can avoid fuel volatilizing to the greatest extent, which also makes the 6700 series more fuel-efficient than the general construction of lighters.

Victory Grinding Wheel Kerosene Mini lighter 16201
WIN, from Japan, was born in 1946 and is loved by lighter players all over the world because of its unique appearance design.

WIN 16201 is a kerosene lighter, all copper brushed, wear resistant to fading. When in use, you can dial the runner to drive the cover to achieve a step to open the cover and ignite. Although small, but in the control of details is extremely exquisite. Priced at less than 200 yuan, consumers who like unique styling can consider.

Prince Old Wheel kerosene lighter GD2-1801
Prince, from Japan, is a lighter brand that can be compared with Zippo and IMCO in the 1930s. Its lighters are mainly divided into kerosene and gas two categories, the former as a retro luxury lighter, was named "Gold" series, referred to as GD series, was born during World War II.

GD series lighters can automatically ignite after the lid of the bullet is opened, and have been pocketed by many lighter enthusiasts. Priced at less than 200 yuan, the style is retro, business, convenient, durable, and affordable, worth buying.

Prince Grinding Wheel Gas Lighter DN-5501
DN series lighter body is small, the shape looks like a dolphin, but the real key is its unique design - the change of the body's eyes, when there is gas is red, no gas will become white, so unique design, so many lighter enthusiasts fascinated.

In the classic film "In the Mood for Love", Leung Chiu-wai used Prince DN series gas lighters. The price of DN-5501 is about 220 yuan, which is slightly higher than the GD series, and the price is full.

Zorro ZK5 lighter
Zorro, founded in Hong Kong in 2008, is a copy of Zippo, the same fuel-burning lighters. Not only the appearance is similar, but the quality is also guaranteed as Zippo.

Zorro ZK5 design is rustic business, gold and black collocation, calm classic. This is an inflatable lighter, need to manually inflate the lighter, if not familiar with the operation can contact customer service consultation. Shops also provide free lettering services, priced at about 90 yuan, cost-effective.

Ronson R01 series lighters
Ronson was founded in 1886 as a hardware factory, mainly producing small items such as matches, and began to produce lighters in 1910, which is truly a century-old company.

The R01 is Ronson's classic retro banjo-shaped lighter series, which compresses and fires automatically, making it easier to start a fire than the Zippo, which also acts as a kerosene lighter. It is also the most collectible and practical series of lighters in Langsen, and there is no official sales channel in China, and consumers need to buy overseas.


SKRFIRE 6029 Arc Lighters
SKRFIRE is a company specializing in new arc lighters, known for its unique design and high performance. SKRFIRE 6029, the representative product of the brand, not only has an elegant design, but also adopts high-power arc technology, which makes it easy to cope with all kinds of fire scenarios.

This lighter has a simple and generous design with smooth lines, showing a modern and fashionable style. The high-power arc technology ensures reliable ignition performance, even in windy or wet conditions, and provides users with a convenient use experience.

The SKRFIRE 6029 is characterized not only by its excellent ignition performance, but also by its durability. It is made of high quality materials and has a rugged construction that ensures reliable use over a long period of time. In addition, the product also has the advantages of easy charging, environmental protection and energy saving, which makes it an indispensable portable lighter in modern life.

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