For a limited time, hot products are on sale for the month of August!Ongoing!

For a limited time, hot products are on sale for the month of August!Ongoing!

Enjoy Your Life 

Welcome to the special sale spree of hot items organized by SKRFIRE! The plasma arc lighter in the event will become an indispensable companion in your daily life. Whether you want to light stoves, candles or tobacco products, it will fulfill your needs. Don't miss this rare opportunity to enjoy the convenience and fun of lighting a fire with our SKRFIRE plasma arc lighters!

High Power

Our Dual Arc Plasma Lighter features a high-powered design that ensures reliable and efficient ignition. Its dual arc ignition system can quickly light a variety of fire sources, whether it's tobacco products, candles, campfires or outdoor survival tools. It works in all weather conditions and features a long lifespan.

Metal Turntable 

This lighter combines an all-metal body, rocker ignition switch design, and a small decompression dial to provide you with a high-quality, practical, and unique product. The unique design and quality craftsmanship make it not only a practical lighter tool, but also an exquisite gift.

360° movable neck

Our arc ignition guns feature a 360° movable neck. This innovative feature makes ignition more convenient and flexible. With its unique design and multiple practical functions, this product is an outstanding tool that is a must-have in the home.

More Benefits

There are more hot products in the independent station to enjoy this offer, there is always a suitable arc lighter for you!
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