Go Big with Skrfire's Spectacular 'Oriental Dragon' Lighter

Go Big with Skrfire's Spectacular 'Oriental Dragon' Lighter



SKRFIRE Electric flame lighter
rechargeable usb lighter
plasma torch lighter
rechargeable electronic lighter
lighter gift for men and women


[Multiple Safety Protections]

The smart chip included in the electronic lighter has 6 safety protection functions,

which are overcharge protection, discharge protection, temperature protection,

AI command protection, current protection and recovery protection,

the advanced safety protection system in the plasma lighter makes you feel safe and secure whether you are using or charging the arc lighter.



[Type-C Charging]

The rechargeable lighter is newly upgraded with a Type-C charging port for

safer and faster charging,

USB C adapts to the current mainstream charging devices,

the use of rechargeable treasure, car charging, computers and sockets

can be charged to the usb lighter,

ready to charge more convenient to use.


[Outdoor Windproof]

The electric lighter uses an innovative high-power arc,

the windproof lighter goes through a high-voltage current

to produce a large flame,

because it is arc-ignited so you don''t need to worry

about not being able to ignite it in the outdoors or in highlands,

etc. The arc flame ignition is much more efficient,

and it can be used stably in different environments.


[Extra Long Life]

The rechargeable lighter has a built-in upgraded high-capacity battery,

which accurately controls the temperature of the circuit

and protects the charge lighter for long-lasting ignition,

and the plasma lighter can be lit about 400 times with a full charge,

which makes the lighter more convenient for daily ignition use,

and no need to worry about running out of power when you''re out using the electric lighter.


[Metal Texture]

The electric lighter body is cold metal texture,

the surface of the cool lighter is beautifully double plated,

the flame lighter is engraved with a dragon totem,

the pattern is clear, elegant and delicate.

The torch lighter''s switch closure is finely polished

and very smooth to open and close.

The electronic lighter is lightweight and portable,

but it is rich in texture, which makes you love it.


SKRFIRE Electric Lighter

  electric flame lighter

Electric Flame Lighter

electric lighter

Dragon - Flame Lighter

electronic lighter

Dragon - Flame Lighter

usb lighter

Dual Arc Lighter

rechargeable lighter

Dragon - Torch Lighter

electric lighter with clock

Eagle - Clock Lighter

electronic lighter with clock

Dragon - Clock Lighter

USB Rechargeable
Electric Lighter
With Gift Box
With LED Power Display
Metal Lighter


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