These are lighters that you want to own even if you don't smoke!

These are lighters that you want to own even if you don't smoke!

Lighters, which can be found everywhere and are inexpensive, and which in many cases you can quickly borrow on the street even if you lose them, have made lighters one of the most easily lost and most needed items for smokers.
For this reason, lighters are often recommended as gifts on various lists. Among them, the ZIPPO windproof lighter is a unique choice.

Since the last century, ZIPPO has been featured in classic movies such as "The Godfather", "Casablanca" and "Die Hard".
Like the opening sound of Window XP and the "Lion's Roar" in front of MGM movies, ZIPPO's crisp, clear opening sound has become an iconic part of pop culture at the time.

ZIPPO has also been making big moves in the fashion world.
The co-branded lighters with streetwear brand Supreme are not only one of the most anticipated accessories of each season's release, but have also rubbed shoulders with various artists and trendsetters, so in this installment, we'll take a look at five of the best ZIPPO co-branded lighters of recent years (in no particular order).



#ZIPPO x Chemicals
Minimalist Aesthetics

In addition to the C2H4 connection, Chemist Creations has always been impressed by their two successful collaborations with Asics, whether it's the Kayano 5, their previous collaboration with Asics, or the upcoming ALL Court Alpha-L, it's always been refreshing to see what's new, and this ZIPPO x Chemist Creations is no exception.

Covered in the brand's exclusive beige gray color and printed with different logos on the front and back, the lighter's minimalist yet unique aesthetic enhances the entire lighter's texture.

The members of Chemist Creations have also made an appearance in the product's promotional video, which features a fun, "Legend of Sicily"-inspired look.

#SKRFIRE x Luminous
The Brightest Star In The Night

This lighter is so cool! It's not just an ordinary lighter, it's a gemstone worn on your fingertips!

You won't have to go through the embarrassing moments of finding your lighter missing because this jeweled lighter has a magical glow-in-the-dark coating on its shell. When it gets dark, it will release its glow-in-the-dark magic, allowing you to find it easily in the dark. Your friends will surely marvel at your superpower!

During the day, the shell of this lighter is like ceramic, textured and elegant. It won't attract undue attention, but once you're about to show your love and light that cigarette, the focus of everyone's eyes will instantly be on the eye-catching light emanating from your fingertips!

What's more, this jeweled lighter is not only beautiful in appearance, but also excellent in performance. It utilizes arc ignition technology, giving you a unique lighting experience. No longer do you need to worry about not being able to light it in windy conditions, nor will you be bothered by the foul odor that comes out. It's ready to go at the touch of a button!

To sum up, the Thunderbolt Jewel Lighter is a high-end lighter that has taken the world by storm, combining humor and fun with elegance and nobility. Day or night, whether you want to show off or use it in a low-key way, this sparkling jewel will give you an extraordinary experience.

A lighter in jeans!

This is one of the most unique co-branded lighters in recent years. Probably because of the partner EVISU, the Japanese denim brand has customized its "jeans" for ZIPPO, with EVISU's exclusive seagull logo embroidered on the surface. Private Stock's exclusive seagull logo is embroidered on the surface, and the jeans' exclusive stitching and pockets are reproduced.

As EVISU was once the king of the street, this ZIPPO with EVISU denim DNA is also one of the rare collector's items.



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