SKRFIRE Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Electric Arc Lighter, Light up the Flame of Luck!

SKRFIRE Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Electric Arc Lighter, Light up the Flame of Luck!

In the blink of an eye, 2023 has become a thing of the past, while 2024 will usher in the Chinese Year of the Dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon is one of the twelve zodiac signs, symbolising majestic status and auspiciousness. This year, SKRFIRE joins hands with the Year of the Dragon and launches several uniquely designed Dragon Totem Arc Lighters to add a touch of lucky flame to your life.


1. Dragon Totem Time, Clockwork Arc Lighter

The first featured lighter we bring you is an arc lighter that combines the elements of dragon totem and clockwork. Through the 3D embossing process, the dragon is vividly engraved on the body of the lighter, just like a huge dragon coiled on the long river of time. This not only makes the arc lighter more dominant, but also gives it a unique personality...

2. "Touchable Dragon" series, auspiciousness in the sense of touch

In addition, we also launched two models of arc lighters called "Touchable Dragon", using a special process. These lighters show the various forms of the dragon when viewed from different angles and allow you to feel the texture of the dragon when you touch it. This design not only makes the Year of the Dragon more special, but also allows you to experience a unique touch when you use it.


3. Lucky Flame, the first choice for gift-giving

You can''''t afford to treat yourself in the new year. Start the New Year with a special arc lighter and let the flames fill you with luck. The SKRFIRE Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Arc Lighter is not only a practical tool, but also a unique gift for your loved ones.

In the new year, let''''s welcome the Year of the Dragon hand in hand and ride the waves of the wind, SKRFIRE will continue to provide you with quality and innovative products, making every moment unique and meaningful. Light the first fire of the New Year and let the light of luck accompany you throughout the year!

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