Pink piggy lighter: small and compact with impeccable firepower!

Pink piggy lighter: small and compact with impeccable firepower!

In our daily life, lighters are an indispensable tool that can light up every aspect of our life. However, besides the practicality, do we also want our lighters to have a cute appearance? Today, I would like to introduce to you a lighter that will definitely make your eyes light up, which is the Pink Piggy Lighter. Let's take a look at the performance of this cute piggy lighter in different levels!

First gear: 25% firepower

When you set the Pink Piggy Lighter to the first gear, it will interpret its strength with a mild fire. Although the fire power is lighter, it is enough to satisfy your daily simple lighting needs. Whether you are lighting candles, barbecuing or lighting tobacco, it is easy to handle and gives you a pleasant lighting experience.

Second position: 50% fire power

When a slightly stronger flame is needed, turning the Pink Piggy Lighter to the second setting is the best option. It has a moderate fire power that can quickly light up all kinds of fuels, such as gas stoves, wildfires, campfires during camping, etc. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can count on the stability and reliability of the Pink Piggy Lighter.

Third gear: 75% firepower

For some scenarios that require more firepower, turning the Pink Piggy Lighter to the third position will give you a pleasant surprise. It quickly ignites your desired target with a powerful flame. When you want to light up the chimney, barbecue grill, or when you need to have a grass burning or fire party, it is perfect for the job and gives you excellent ignition results.

Fourth gear: 100% firepower

The fourth position of the pink piggy lighter comes in handy for special occasions or when you need maximum firepower. It shows you its true fire power strength with a powerful flame. Whether you're lighting a smoldering fire, grilling large pieces of meat or cooking at high temperatures, it's got you covered. The Pink Piggy Lighter will give you an absolutely smooth lighting experience!


The Pink Piggy Lighter is not only distinctive in appearance, but also has outstanding strength in fire performance. Its four levels of firepower can meet all kinds of different ignition needs, from mild to powerful, from daily life to outdoor adventures. Therefore, whether you pursue the functionality of the lighter or prefer the cute appearance, the Pink Piggy Lighter is the ideal choice for you! Let's light up our lives and start the adventure of the flame world with the Pink Piggy Lighter!


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