Light Up Your Style: Introducing the Latest Designer Lighters!

Light Up Your Style: Introducing the Latest Designer Lighters!

"Lighter" as a common product in life
At present, it is rare to see new breakthroughs in modeling
The lighter is a very common small product
How else can we innovate?

Today share 3"lighter" design cases
Hope to bring you new inspiration ~ 

01. Lily 

Design by Hyeyeon Lee 


Lily is a candle lighter, which can light candles like handing flowers, and is an emotional product for users to use in the happiest moments. 

You can easily use the lighter with one-touch ignition by sliding the highlighted button up. 

When you pull the lock, the hidden wall hanging hole is revealed so you can hang the candle lighter on the wall. 

02, DISSIM | inverted lighter 

Designed by Kegan McDaniel 

A lighter designed for inverted use, and its biggest highlight is its central ring handle design, suitable for a variety of scenarios, greatly avoiding the hot hand problem caused by tilt in the process of use. 

03. Moxie lgnite 

Designed by Kenneth Macalino 

An emergency flint lighter with a blade that generates a spark to ignite. The flint and blade impingement inserts into each other, protecting the blade from weathering while compacting the lighter into an easy-to-carry design.

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