Innovative design of lighters in 2023

Innovative design of lighters in 2023

Lighters on the market today

Few would choose to make a new breakthrough in the styling of
Products that make new breakthroughs in styling
Then lighters such as very common small products
How can we still make innovative design?
With this question
I found 9 good innovative lighter design
I hope to bring you new inspiration



01-DISSIM/Inverted Lighter


The world''s first lighter designed for inverted use, and its biggest highlight is its center circular handle design, suitable for a variety of scenarios, greatly avoiding the problem of hot hands caused by tilting during use.




Designed by Socio Design


Designed to celebrate modern aesthetics and precision hand craftsmanship, the KNNOX lighter is made by 15 different hand-selected British manufacturers. The lighters are crafted in KNNOX luxury brass with a bespoke sliding mechanism that emphasizes precise detail during the production process.



Each KNNOX lighter comes complete with high quality flint, wick and stainless steel hexagonal tooling. The wick provides a long-lasting burn thanks to the 100% British cotton braid. In addition, the flint is made of a unique blend of high iron alloys that provide a generous and reliable spark. In addition, the combination of technical fibers allows the felt pad to hold a large amount of lighter fluid. It also comes with a small pull tab that makes it easy to refuel and rewick.







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