Hookah Mouthpiece Hacks: Unleash a Stylish Storm with Just a Pucker!

Hookah Mouthpiece Hacks: Unleash a Stylish Storm with Just a Pucker!

With the increasing popularity of hookah, hookah culture is becoming more and more prevalent, many cities hookah has become an essential part of everyone''''s social life and entertainment, this time I would like to popularize the concept of hookah and common sense through the public number with my own understanding.

Water pipe is not Arabian water pipe?

Water pipe As the name suggests is filtered through the water smoke, English name Hookah, can also be called Shisha.

Many people know that water pipe should know the Arab Middle East water pipe, for example, I lived in Australia before, almost all the water pipe store is the Middle East people do, so there is an inherent thought that the water pipe is the Arab is authentic, unique.

In fact, it is not, on the market, whether it is a hookah, or tobacco, many countries have in the R & D and production of products have even exceeded the Middle East countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the United States and so on. But each country has its own characteristics of each brand.

Arabian traditional waterpipe

Wookah waterpipe (made in Poland)

Roden waterpipe (made in Ukraine)

Werkbund waterpipe (Germany)

Union waterpipe (Russia)

What are the essential components of a hookah?

All you know is the tobacco material, the hookah (including the pot, pipe, and hookah handle), water, and carbon. In addition, there are pots, bowls, mouthpieces, oil filters and other accessories (all things shown in the picture below), each thing is indispensable, and the quality and type of each product leads to the feeling of each time we smoke a hookah, just like a car, the price is different, the grade is different, and the feeling is different, but specifically which one you like, or to see the feeling of the individual. The details will be introduced to you one by one afterward.

And the most important ------ is to do the water cigarette people for the water cigarette how much water, how much material, material collocation, how much carbon and smoke pot temperature control.


Coconut carbon



Pot Heads

Oil filters

Is hookah actually bad for you?

In fact, this is something benevolent and wise. Take a step back and say, things are better again not all, in moderation is good. Personally, I smoked hookah for 7 or 8 years, every year, checkups, fixed weekly exercise, there is no impact on my daily life, but rather give me more of a flavor of life.

Many of my friends have asked me: why do I have two, three or even four pipes in the hookah pots I smoke in many places outside, but my hookah pots here are all one!

First of all, a pot of smoke material is so much, the smoke produced at the same time so much, the amount of smoke is not enough to smoke together with the sense of body must be very bad; Secondly, good quality water pipe pots require the highest is the sealing, as if the two tubes, a person in the smoke, the other end must be aeration, that sucked out in addition to the smoke there is also air, which also affects the sense of an important reason; and the most important thing is that, the health and safety, two people Smoking a kettle of water cigarettes together, more or less feel not too hygienic.

This first to understand these, there are any questions you can ask me through WeChat, the next installment to give you a specific talk about the water pipe.


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